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The Vessel, archetypal in its nature, has meaning for all. We each have our own stories that could be expressed through an exploration of this form. These open bowls are for me, just such an exploration – a visual expression of this particular moment in my life. In this piece,Transition III, the bottom portion of the bowl is gone ... only the ellipse that formed the opening of the bowl remains. Circular shapes appear to be either forming or dissolving as they move through the ellipse and across the surface of the painting. Macro or micro, these globes could be planets or blood cells ... there is room here for the viewer to bring their own experience and context to this work.

Everything about Transition II; the dimensions, the textures, the collaged materials, the painted circular shapes – hovering, forming, dissolving and reforming, all these things are chosen elements. Elements that I have brought together to form mixed media artworks. The creation of the work is a finite process. The fact that there is a solid final end product, ironically, is the antithesis of some of the very ideas and thoughts that I am exploring here.

Everything is change. Nothing stands still. From one breath to the next I am transformed in the great and grand flow that permeates all aspects of my being.

mixed media painting titled Transition III by Canadian artist, Janet Moore
Transition III
mixed media
56" x 48" (60" x 52" framed)