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This work follows the Elusive Containment series of mixed media paintings that was exhibited in Whitehorse in 2005 & I am continuing to work with some of the same images and ideas. Currently there are more works in progress up on the walls of my studio. I will post them here upon completion.Through the process of making this work I am considering the concept of the body and even the whole universe as a container – from the macro to the micro. I experience the process of making the work through the limitations of my own physical perception, namely my body and all it’s parts – eyes, ears, arms, hands, my human brain structure, etc. - this, of course, being the physical vessel with which I have to encounter the world.

My last body of work included several canvases that explored the vessel and the idea of containment. With these three panels, Rounding Spots, I am continuing the exploration of the elusive, sometimes illusive nature of this subject. The layering process used here to build texture into the much worked surface of the painting is integral to the subject matter being explored. What appears as a simple circle is only what is easily viewed on the surface. I like the mystery that the textured surface invokes … What is beneath?

The creation of the work is a finite process. The fact that there exists a solid end product is, ironically, the antithesis of what is at the very core of the idea that I am exploring during the making of the painting. Nonetheless, I move onward and make the attempt. My hope is that these mixed media paintings manage to convey a sense of movement that alludes to the idea/concept/ Truth that everything is change … Nothing stands still.

Media used include: acrylic paint, acrylic medium/marble dust, collaged hand-made paper, gesso, charcoal.

mixed media trytich painting by Canadian artist, Janet Moore
Rounding Spots
mixed media on cradled wood panel