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In the Permanent Collection of the Yukon Territorial Government

For me, a place exists not only visually and in terms of touch, but also in a realm that defies words and pictures.

My desire is to convey more than just a visual record of these regions where I have walked and explored and even flown over. I want to relate my feeling and sense of place; the feeling of being out there on the land. Many of the paintings in this series are painted from an above ground perspective and there may be a slight feeling of vertigo that comes with viewing these loosely formed images. Pierce the Sky shows a swirl of mountain peaks just visible above a spiral of thin cloud. The mountains and clouds are both painted in a spiral swirl that echoes our own internal structure - that basic pattern of life ... DNA ... a patterning that encompasses both the macro and the micro.

Pierce the Sky was sold to The Permanent Art Collection of the Yukon Territorial Government in 1997.

Pierce the Sky
Pierce the Sky
48" x 72"